Morgan Exteriors Offers Kitchen Cabinet Restyling Services to Lutz, FL, Area Homeowners

Cabinet Restyling Lutz FLMorgan Exteriors, a locally owned company with more than 120 years of combined experience, is pleased to offer kitchen cabinet restyling services to homeowners in Lutz, Florida, and the surrounding areas. If you’re happy with the functionality of your cabinets but want to enhance their aesthetic and the overall beauty of your kitchen, we can cover your cabinets with a laminate coating, install new doors, and outfit them with new hardware. Cabinet restyling will save you considerable time and money when compared to a full cabinet replacement.

At Morgan Exteriors, we’re pleased to work with cabinet restyling products manufactured by Cabinet Restylers. Our products are made using Duracore, which is constructed from a blend of hickory, oak, cherry, walnut, and poplar fibers. This remarkable material is:

  • Low maintenance — If you’ve spilled food or drink on your existing wooden cabinets, you’ve probably spent considerable time and energy trying to remove the resulting stains. Fortunately, because Duracore doesn’t absorb food and drink stains, you can clean your new cabinets using a simple mixture of soap and water.
  • Durable — At Morgan Exteriors, we understand that cabinet restyling can be a considerable investment for homeowners in the Lutz, FL, area and beyond. Duracore, which is compacted with cement resin under 55,000 pounds of force per square inch, is impact-resistant and can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a quality product for your kitchen.
  • Water-resistant — With Duracore, you won’t have to worry about your new cabinets warping or falling apart if they’re exposed to water. Even after immersing their products in water for 24 hours during the testing phase, the Cabinet Restylers quality control team found no visible signs of damage.

To learn more about the cabinet restyling services we offer to Lutz, FL, area homeowners, please contact Morgan Exteriors today.