Reasons to Choose Fiber Cement Siding for Your Florida Home

A row of homes that have James Hardie Siding installed.

If you want the most durable siding option for your home in Florida, then James Hardie siding (commonly known as “Hardie Board”) is likely the right choice for you. Your home’s exterior must withstand constant exposure to weather elements such as UV rays, rain, and wind—and James Hardie’s fiber cement siding is up to this challenge.

Formulated from a specialized blend of wood pulp, cement, water, and filler, Hardie Board siding is made to last for many years without sustaining the damage that plagues lesser siding materials. This composite siding:

Prevents Moisture Infiltration

Rain, condensation, and other sources of moisture take a major toll on siding materials such as wood. The siding absorbs the moisture and then will swell, crack, peel, rot, or sustain mold growth. Since James Hardie siding will not absorb moisture, it prevents these problems and does a better job of retaining its shape and beautiful exterior through the years.

Resists Damage Caused by Insects

Termites and carpenter ants can inflict serious damage on wooden siding materials and make replacement a necessity. In contrast, fiber cement siding is impervious to this damage and will retain its structural integrity no matter what these insects try to do to it.

Ensures Long-Lasting Color Retention

ColorPlus® Technology is a baked-on color option that helps protect against fading. James Hardie composite siding made with this technology can retain its color longer than other types of siding or even conventional house paint.

Minimizes Fire Risk

Fiber cement siding will not ignite, even when exposed to an open flame. In fact, it’s so fire resistant that some insurance companies will even provide a discount on premiums for homeowners who have James Hardie siding installed.

Want to give your house a makeover that will truly stand the test of time? Then choose Hardie Board for your siding replacement project. Contact Morgan Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the siding installation services that we offer throughout Florida.