Stunning Bow Windows for Homeowners in Tampa, FL

If you’re planning to replace the windows at your home, you may want to consider having bow windows installed in your living room or bedroom. Bow windows offer a sense of traditional elegance that simply can’t be matched by many other window styles. For industry-leading windows in the Tampa, Florida, area, you’ll want to partner with the experts at Morgan Exteriors. We install replacement windows in a variety of styles, including beautiful bow windows.

What Is a Bow-Style Window?

Bow windows are quite similar to bay windows, in that they also project outward from the side of a house. However, they feature one significant difference — while bay windows include only three window panes, bow windows typically include four to six panes. The additional panes produce more of a curved appearance, similar to a half-moon shape. Like bay windows, bow windows allow for lots of sunlight and wide-open views while offering a picturesque seating or display area.

What Are the Benefits of a Bow Window?

Bow windows offer a wide variety of benefits for your home. Some key advantages of bow windows include:

  • Increased natural light
  • Panoramic views of the outdoors
  • Improved curb appeal
  • A new living space
  • Increased home value

If you have any questions about the benefits of bow windows, our reliable team will gladly answer them.

What Is the Standard Size of a Bow Window?

Most bow windows are four-to-six feet in height and eight-to-twelve feet in width. However, a bow window’s size is customizable depending on the size of the place where it is installed and the homeowner’s preferences. At Morgan Exteriors, we offer multiple sizes of bow windows to choose from.

What Is the Average Cost for a Bow Window?

Bow windows are a cost-effective option for a homeowner to consider. However, the exact cost is not definitive without an estimate—during your consultation, we will discuss your window replacement needs, the size of the bow window you want for your home, and all other contributing factors to your window replacement project before offering a reliable estimate.

Does a Bow Window Need a Roof?

A bow window does not require a roof, however, you may want to include one for aesthetic appeal, sunlight control, or additional protection for your home.

Get Started Today

If you own a home in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Lutz or the surrounding Florida areas and you’re interested in having bow windows installed, contact Morgan Exteriors today. As an experienced bow window contractor, we can answer any questions you may have about a bow window installation.

We offer complimentary consultations for local homeowners, and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment at a date and time that works well for you. We find it very beneficial to meet with our customers in person since doing so provides us with the chance to examine your current windows and note any issues that you may be experiencing. At the close of your consultation, we’ll provide a written quote that will remain in effect for an entire year.