Lutz, FL, Homeowners — Looking to Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Redo Kitchen Cabinets Lutz FLHave you given any thought to replacing the cabinets in your kitchen? If you’re contemplating a kitchen renovation, one of the best ways to transform the look of the room is to update your kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, replacing your cabinets is expensive and time-consuming. But, did you know that there’s an easier, more cost-effective way to redo your kitchen cabinets? It’s called “cabinet refacing,” and it’s a service that Morgan Exteriors offers to homeowners throughout Lutz, Florida, and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing?

Our cabinet refacing services are a better choice than having your cabinets replaced because they require:

Less Time

One of the biggest advantages of cabinet refacing is that it allows us to redo your kitchen cabinets in far less time than it would take to perform a full replacement. During a refacing project, we remove your existing cabinet doors, apply a laminate to the remaining portion, and then install new doors and hardware. Because we don’t have to pull out the whole cabinet structure, build new units, and then install those units, we’re able to complete the project and get you back in your kitchen as quickly as possible.

Less Money

Homeowners also love that, when compared to a traditional cabinet replacement, refacing provides them with a much more cost-effective way to redo their kitchen cabinets. This is in large part because refacing doesn’t require as many supplies or labor hours as a traditional replacement. You’ll be able to take the money you saved on your cabinets and apply it to another part of your renovation project.

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