Lutz, FL, Homeowners — Turn to Morgan Exteriors for New Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing can transform the look of a kitchen like new kitchen cabinets. When you think about the layout of your kitchen, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your cabinetry. This isn’t surprising, since cabinets often take up the majority of wall space in a kitchen. So, updating the look of your kitchen cabinets will make your entire kitchen look much more contemporary and aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. But, there’s a more cost- and time-efficient alternative known as “cabinet refacing.” Cabinet refacing involves removing your existing cabinet doors and hardware, covering the remaining portion with a laminate, then installing new doors and hardware. Morgan Exteriors — a premier home improvement company — is pleased to offer cabinet refacing services to homeowners in Lutz, Florida, and surrounding areas.

Top-of-the-Line Materials

At Morgan Exteriors, we understand that new kitchen cabinets can be a considerable investment. That’s why we’ve chosen to use state-of-the-art products from Cabinet Restylers. Our cabinet refacing products are made from Duracore, which is remarkably sturdy. It’s engineered to resist:

  • Dings
  • Impacts
  • Rotting
  • Stains
  • Warping
  • And more

Plus, Cabinet Restylers’ products are incredibly beautiful and can be customized to suit your personal preferences. Once we start the design process, you’ll be able to select from a wide array of styles, colors, hardware, and more to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in having new kitchen cabinets installed at your Lutz, FL, home, call Morgan Exteriors today to learn more about our innovative cabinet refacing service. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and arrange a complimentary in-home consultation. And, when you call, be sure to ask about financing — we have excellent options available for qualified customers.