Protect Your Lutz, FL, Home Year-Round With Hurricane Windows 

If you own a home in Lutz, Florida, you’ve likely been afraid that you’ll one day experience the worst weather Florida has to offer. During a hurricane, catastrophic winds pick up heavy debris to hurl against your house. Unless you’ve installed hurricane windows, fragile glass is one of the first materials to crack under the pressure, exposing the interior of your home to the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Fortunately, Morgan Exteriors is here to help with replacement windows up to the challenge. When it comes to protecting your home, we know only the best materials will do. This is why we install Simonton’s top-rated StormBreaker Plus line of hurricane windows for homeowners throughout Lutz. 

The Benefits of Hurricane Windows 

While hurricane windows fulfill their obvious purpose during Florida’s June through October hurricane season, you may not realize that they actually protect your home year-round. In addition to resisting flying debris, StormBreaker Plus windows: 

  • Provide a barrier against forced entry through what is traditionally the most vulnerable part of your home 
  • Filter up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays from the sunlight entering your house, preventing carpet, furniture, and artwork from fading 
  • Dampen sound, reducing indoor noise pollution by up to 50 percent 

Of course, StormBreaker Plus windows’ primary purpose is to withstand the fury that accompanies Florida’s worst natural disasters. To that end, Simonton tested these windows, certifying them to meet American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards in hurricane zones. With a wide variety of size, style, grid, and color options, these hurricane impact windows even look stylish while defending every room in your house. 

How Much Do Hurricane Windows Cost? 

The cost of hurricane windows can vary significantly based on several factors such as the size of the windows, the level of impact resistance, the manufacturer, the materials used, and the installation requirements. Custom sizes or additional features also may increase the overall cost. During your consultation, we will discuss our hurricane window options with you and provide a reliable estimate for your window replacement project. 

Do Hurricane Windows Come With Warranties? 

Yes, hurricane windows typically come with warranties. These warranties can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and may cover different aspects of the window, such as the frame, glass, and hardware. Warranties for hurricane windows often cover defects in materials or workmanship and may also include coverage against damage caused by storms or impacts. It’s essential to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer before purchasing to understand what is covered and for how long. 

If you have any questions about our manufacturer or workmanship warranties, please do not hesitate to ask. As your trusted hurricane window company, Morgan Exteriors is here to ensure that you are fully informed through each stage of your window replacement project. 

Can I Get Custom-Sized Hurricane Windows? 

Many manufacturers offer custom-sized hurricane windows to fit specific openings in homes or buildings. Custom-sized hurricane windows can be ordered to match non-standard window sizes or shapes, ensuring a proper fit and enhancing the protection against severe weather conditions. It’s recommended to work with a reputable window manufacturer or contractor, such as Morgan Exteriors, who specializes in hurricane-resistant windows to discuss custom sizing options and get accurate measurements for your specific needs. 

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