Protect Your Tampa Home With State-of-the-Art Hurricane Windows 

If you live in the Tampa, Florida, area, you surely know how harsh our storms can be. Even low-grade hurricane winds can be strong enough to turn branches into projectiles or knock down trees entirely. Your windows are some of the most vulnerable spots in your house, so it’s important to equip them with extra protection to ensure they’re strong enough to withstand severe storm conditions. Fortunately, local homeowners can turn to Morgan Exteriors to install top-rated hurricane windows. 

Maximum Protection Against Hurricane-Force Winds 

At Morgan Exteriors, we proudly install Simonton StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows, which have been tested and certified to meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s standards for high-velocity hurricane zones. Our hurricane windows feature KeepSafe Maximum® glass, which is specially engineered to remain intact even when shattered. So, if a strong gust of wind happens to blow a tree branch into your window and cause it to shatter, the window pane will remain attached to the frame, and you won’t need to worry about shards of glass flying through your home. We also install PGT hurricane windows, which are constructed with impact-resistant laminated glass that’s strong enough to withstand repeated impacts from a nine-pound, 2’x4’ beam traveling 30 miles per hour. 

Additional Benefits of Our Hurricane Windows 

While your primary concern when purchasing hurricane windows is protection from projectiles during storms, you’ll still want windows that offer excellent performance throughout the entire year. In addition to protecting against strong impacts, our hurricane windows also offer the following benefits: 

  • Protection from damaging sunlight – Simonton’s hurricane windows filter up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which helps prevent your carpet, furnishings, and other interior items from fading prematurely. 
  • Soundproofing – The durable interlayer in our Simonton hurricane windows provides a 50% noise reduction over standard glass. 
  • Safety – Our hurricane windows protect against forced entry, improving the overall safety and security of your home. 
  • Customization options – These windows are available in various styles, colors, grid designs, and energy-efficient glass options to suit your aesthetic preferences and complement the exterior of your Tampa, FL, home. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are Hurricane-Resistant Windows? 

Hurricane-resistant windows, also known as impact windows, are specifically designed to endure the extreme forces and high-velocity winds associated with hurricanes or severe storms. These windows are constructed using impact-resistant glass that can withstand strong impacts without shattering. 

How Effective are Storm Windows in Protecting Homes? 

Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection to homes, safeguarding them against damage from debris and high-velocity winds during tropical storms or hurricanes. They are specifically engineered to resist impacts, ensuring minimal damage to the window and reducing the likelihood of shards entering your home. 

What Makes Impact Windows Different from Regular Windows? 

Impact windows, such as those we offer at Morgan Exteriors, are crafted with durable, multi-layered glass that is much stronger than standard windows. In the event of an impact, these windows are designed to stay intact, preventing glass from breaking and scattering, providing better protection for homes. 

Are Hurricane Windows also Noise-Reducing? 

Indeed, our hurricane windows also offer a noise reduction benefit. The specially engineered glass and multi-layer design in our impact windows provide soundproofing, effectively reducing outdoor noise, making your home environment quieter and more peaceful. 

Do Impact Windows Enhance Home Security? 

Absolutely. Beyond offering protection against storms, hurricane-resistant windows also bolster home security. The strong, impact-resistant glass provides an added layer of defense against forced entry, ensuring your peace of mind and security. 

How do I Maintain Hurricane Windows? 

Maintaining hurricane windows involves basic upkeep. Regularly cleaning the glass and maintaining the frames will help sustain the windows’ functionality and aesthetic appeal. Avoid harsh abrasives or chemicals that could damage the impact-resistant surface of the glass. 

Learn More About Our Hurricane Windows 

If you’re interested in having hurricane windows installed at your Tampa, FL, home, contact Morgan Exteriors today.