Upgrade Your Alafaya, FL, Home With Stunning Casement Windows

A row of tall casement windows in a living room.

Are your windows constantly getting stuck? Maybe you’re looking for a new type of window that will be much easier to open and close. If so, we have a solution. Morgan Exteriors installs premium casement windows for homeowners throughout Alafaya, Florida, and surrounding communities.

What Is a Casement Window?

A casement window opens and closes like French doors. They do this by pivoting on side-mounted hinges. You can choose to have single or double casement windows. The difference is having one or two separate windowpanes.

Benefits of Our French Casement Windows

Morgan Exteriors installs top-quality casement windows with a wide array of advanced features. Some of the key benefits of our casement windows include:

  • Premium design – We only install casement windows designed by trusted manufacturers to ensure they provide lasting operation.
  • Smooth operation – Unlike single-hung and double-hung windows that you must forcefully push to open and close, these windows open simply like French doors. You won’t have to worry about them getting stuck in their tracks.
  • Improved ventilation – Since these windows open outward, more airflow can enter your home. This is a much better solution for ventilation than single-hung windows that only open halfway.
  • Easier maintenance – These windows don’t have overlapping panes of glass that get in the way of cleaning. Instead, they are designed with one pane that opens outward, allowing you to easily reach both sides of the window for simple cleaning.
  • Increased energy efficiency – Casement windows have a tight vinyl seal when closed, so they eliminate air leaks and can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Free Consultations

Contact Morgan Exteriors today to schedule a free consultation in the Alafaya, FL, area. We look forward to discussing your window needs, style preferences, and budget before sharing how our casement windows can add value to your home.