Winter Holiday Decorating: Making Your Windows Merry

Christmas is coming up, and you’re excited to get decorating. You think you may want to try something
different this year. While your Christmas lights have a fun and classic feeling, you want to show more unique

Windows are a perfect setting for beautiful and playful winter decorations. In this blog, we give you some
ideas for Christmas decorations that will fit wonderfully in your home’s windows.


You can place window decorations either inside or outside, depending on the nature of the decorations.
Indoors, you can take advantage of the window’s structure by placing items artfully on the sill or hanging
them from above.

Indoor decoration options include the following:

Hung Ornaments

Have too many ornaments to fit on your Christmas tree? Hang them in your window instead.

Stick some hooks underneath the top window sill and hang the ornaments either directly from the hooks or
with some ribbon. Use different lengths of ribbon to give the ornaments a more uneven and free look.


Use various colors and sizes of ribbons to decorate your windows. Curl the lengths to give them a fun,
bouncy look, or drape them nicely like curtains.

Mix and match different types of ribbons, tie them together, and have fun with them. Let your kids help
out too for an exciting family activity.

Paper Snowflakes

One of the easiest and most classic winter decorations is the paper snowflake. Take your time meticulously
cutting beautiful snowflakes or make it more festive by including the entire family.

Use tape or sticky tack to attach the snowflakes to the window. You can also attach all the snowflakes
together to make a lovely homemade curtain.


Whether it’s real or fake, a lovely, warm flickering candle in the window gives your home an Old World

You can find flameless candles with flickering bulbs at any craft store if you have pets or kids, or you
can use those beautiful candles you got for a wedding present.

Seasonal Plants

Place a couple poinsettias in a line on the window sill or a couple of small fir trees. Pinecones also
make lovely winter decorations, especially if you cover them with glitter or fake snow.

You can also incorporate these plants into other indoor decorations. For example, you can put ornaments on
the miniatures trees or hang pinecones with ribbon.


Outdoors, you can attach decorations to the window itself, as well as the shutters or siding around the

Ideas for outside window decorations include the following:

Fir Tree Branches

If you’re using a real tree this year, cut off a couple boughs and use them to decorate the bottom of the
window frame.

Include pinecones, ribbon, or ornaments to give the scene a little more color. This addition to your
decorations gives your home a cozy, old-timey feel.


Collect or make a couple of smaller wreaths and put them in your windows.

Decorate the wreaths with pinecones and ornaments to give them a little more pop. Hang them at different
heights to make them more dynamic.

Bundles of Ornaments

In addition to putting ornaments on boughs and wreaths, you can also make boughs and wreaths out of
nothing but ornaments.

You can even make other bundles of ornaments of various shapes and sizes. See what you can put together
and go for it.

Window Painting

Of course, when you’re talking about decorating your windows, you have to mention window painting.

Give the windows frosted edges or paint a whole Christmas scene. Make it elegant or make it fun. If you’re
having a particularly wet winter, you can do your window painting indoors.

Be the talk of the neighborhood this holiday season with your fun and one-of-a-kind Christmas window

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