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Window Contractors Clearwater FLAre you in search of window contractors serving residents of Clearwater, Florida, and the neighboring communities? If so, then look no further than the home improvement company ranked No. 1 by area homeowners – Morgan Exteriors. Since 1995, we have helped countless customers throughout the area by installing premium products that improve and modernize their homes.

When you hire Morgan Exteriors as your window contractors in Clearwater, FL, you can expect:

When you hire Morgan Exteriors as your window contractors in Clearwater, FL, you can expect: 

  • Top-quality installations Your window will be installed by experienced, factory-trained employees of Morgan Exteriors – not subcontractors – allowing us to ensure your windows are installed with the quality and care that is expected of professional window contractors. 
  • Premium products We install vinyl windows that are low maintenance, energy efficient, and will enhance the appearance of your home while ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature all year long. Plus, because they are made from vinyl, they are extremely durable, and won’t warp or fade. 
  • Stellar reputation – We have earned an outstanding reputation for the services we provide, as evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have even been named by homeowners as the No. 1-ranked contractor in the area. 
  • True guarantees – We are so confident in the performance of our products and the quality of our installations that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty that completely protects their investment. 

Window Replacement FAQs 

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about window replacements in Clearwater. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us to learn more. 

Why should I have my windows replaced? 

Replacing your windows can bring about a myriad of benefits, including: 

  • Improved energy efficiency and possibly lower energy bills 
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal.  
  • Better ventilation 
  • Beautiful views of the outdoors 
  • Increased natural light for your home 
  • Reinforced protection against the elements 

Ultimately, investing in window replacement is a proactive measure that not only pays off in terms of comfort and style but also contributes to long-term savings and durability. 

What are my replacement window options? 

If you are ready to get started on your window replacement project, you will need to decide which style(s) of window you want installed in your home. At Morgan Exteriors, we provide a wide array of gorgeous window styles designed to complement Clearwater homes. These replacement window styles include: 

  • Single-Hung Windows: Single-hung windows open vertically thanks to a fixed upper sash and a movable lower sash. This is one of the most popular window styles available. 
  • Picture Windows: Picture windows are fixed in place, meaning that they do not open. This allows for maximum energy efficiency and picturesque scenic views.  
  • Double-Hung Windows: These windows have two sashes that slide vertically, providing good ventilation and easy cleaning. 
  • Casement Windows: Hinged on one side and opened with a crank, casement windows offer a tight seal against the elements. 
  • Sliding Windows: These windows slide horizontally and are known for their ease of use and contemporary appearance. 
  • Bay or Bow Windows: These create a protrusion from the wall, adding extra space and enhancing the view. Bay windows are typically comprised of three sections of windows while bow windows are designed with four to six sections of windows. 

What type of windows are best for Clearwater homes? 

When choosing replacement windows, consider factors like energy efficiency, durability, and local weather conditions. Options include: 

  • Impact-Resistant Windows: Given the area’s susceptibility to hurricanes, impact-resistant windows are advisable. They have a layer of laminated glass that helps protect against strong winds and debris. 
  • Low-E Glass Windows: These windows have a special coating that reflects infrared light, keeping your home cooler in the Florida heat. 
  • Vinyl Windows: Vinyl is resistant to the corrosive effects of salt air, making it a suitable material for Clearwater homes. 

Consulting with a professional can help you make the best decision based on your specific needs and the requirements of your home in Clearwater. 

What hurricane replacement window options are there? 

To protect your home, you need to understand what the strongest windows and window additions are on the market. For maximum reinforcement, you should consider having the following installed throughout your home. 

  • Hurricane Impact Windows: These windows are designed to withstand the impact of strong winds and flying debris during hurricanes. 
  • Hurricane Shutters: While not windows themselves, hurricane shutters can be installed to protect windows during a storm. 
  • Laminated Glass Windows: Similar to impact-resistant windows, laminated glass is designed to stay intact even if shattered, providing an extra layer of protection. 

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