Our Insulated Vinyl Siding Offers Improved Energy Efficiency at Dunedin, FL, Homes

Vinyl Siding Dunedin FLHomeowners replace their siding for many reasons. Maybe they’re trying to increase the value of their home, or perhaps they simply want to freshen up the exterior. However, not many people know that having certain types of siding installed can actually improve the energy efficiency of a home. Morgan Exteriors is pleased to offer Ply Gem’s premium vinyl siding, including their ClimaForce insulated vinyl siding, to homeowners throughout the Dunedin, Florida, area.

Higher R-value

If you’ve been researching ways to conserve energy at your home, you may have come across the term “R-value” and wondered what it means. This term refers to a material’s ability to resist heat transfer, with a higher R-value indicating a better ability. When compared to other cladding options, our ClimaForce insulated vinyl siding helps to increase the R-value of your home’s exterior walls, making them more energy efficient.

Continuous Insulation

You might be wondering how heat can be transferred through the solid walls of your home. The majority of heat transfer is caused by two things, the first of which is gaps. Over time, gaps form around the doors, windows, and foundation of your home. These openings make it easy for heat to pass back and forth, leading to lower energy efficiency. The second factor causing heat transfer is something referred to as “thermal bridging.” Walls are often constructed using studs. Because these studs are generally more conductive than the surrounding materials, they allow heat to flow through them more easily (thermal bridging). This can defeat the purpose of insulation. Fortunately, our ClimaForce insulated vinyl siding features a continuous layer of insulation that both covers gaps and reduces thermal bridging, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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