Summer Exterior Home Maintenance Projects

Maintaining your home is as important as any task you will complete this summer. Knowing what and how to maintain and how to complete any repairs is sometimes the hardest part of getting started.


Your garage door is probably one of the most used and neglected parts of your home. Keeping it in good working order is inexpensive and will save you a ton of money in the long haul.

Materials: Lubricant, Wrench, Car Wax, Clean Rags, Detergent diluted with water

* Check all moving parts to be sure none are bent or broken.
* Check and lubricate all rails, axles, hinges, springs, rollers, etc. . . .
* Wipe down your door with diluted detergent to clean away debris.
* Wax the door. This will keep new dirt and debris from collecting on the surface.
* Paint wooden doors inside and out and caulk all cracks and gaps.
* Check weather sealants on the bottom of the door.


Rust can deteriorate and ruin many metal items in the home. Regular maintenance can prevent rust from ever appearing.

Materials: Wire Brush, Metal Primer, Rust Resistant Paint, Paintbrush

* Use wire brush to scrape away loose rust. (If possible brush down to the bare metal)
* Clean away old paint.
* Apply metal primer.
* Repaint metal with rust resistant paint.


Yard maintenance not only increases curb appeal and resale value of your home, it simply looks and feels good.

Materials: Pruning Shears

* Check trees for dead hanging limbs and remove.
* Trim your bushes and vines. (Bushes and vines hold moisture and can contribute to mortar damage.)
* Trim unkept plants. (Unkept plants leaning against a home are the perfect entrance path for creepy crawlies)


Your homes siding and crawlspaces are its keys to the outside world. Keeping these areas, clean and repaired will lengthen the life of your home.

Materials: Vapor Barrier, Flashlight, Foam Pipe Wrap, Siding Cleaner, Scrubber, Hose

* Clean your siding. (Remember to apply cleaner from the bottom up and rinse from the top down to keep siding streak-free)
* Clean tough spots with a scrubber.
* Remove mold and mildew. (Siding soaks up mold and mildew like a sponge, decreasing the integrity of the siding)
* Poke your head into the crawlspace with a flashlight. Look for moisture and evidence of termites.
* Check the dirt floor (if you have one). The dirt may look dry, but actually be wet.
* Check your vapor barrier. (If you do not have a vapor barrier, one can be easily made from a variety of materials such as foil or plastic.)
* Check pipe wraps on exposed pipes. If pipes aren’t wrapped, wrap them.
* Check sewer lines under toilets for leaks.


Decks are a wonderful addition to a home. Not only do they add value, but living space as well. Maintaining your deck will take very little time and effort and the return is well worth the work.

Materials: Screwdriver, Hammer, Garden Hose, Socket Wrench, Deck Cleaner, Dust Broom, Plastic Sheet or Tarp, Rubber Gloves, Scrub Brush, Deck Sealant

* Clear the year’s worth of debris from in between the floorboards. This debris holds moisture and can cause the floor to rot.
* Sweep Deck.
* Check for water damage, splintered areas, and rotten boards.
* Hammer in any loose or protruding nails.
* Make sure rails are tight.
* Tighten the bolts holding the deck to the house.
* Clean and rinse your deck with deck cleaner. Be sure to protect any plants that may be damaged by the cleaner.
* Apply deck sealer.

Home maintenance can be overwhelming but is so very necessary. On those cold winter nights and hot summer days, you will be glad you repaired and maintained the home that protects you.

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