Soffit and Fascia Replacement Available for Tarpon Springs, FL, Homes

Soffit and Fascia Tarpon Springs FL

You spend a good amount of time ensuring that the roof on your Tarpon Springs, Florida, home is providing the protection it’s supposed to, but how much attention do you give to your soffit and fascia? Often overlooked but extremely important, your home’s soffit and fascia help protect your roof against moisture intrusion, prevent pests from entering your attic, and play an important role in your home’s curb appeal. If you’re concerned that your soffit and fascia need to be replaced, look to Morgan Exteriors. We’re an experienced home improvement company and have been exceeding the expectations of local homeowners since 1995. We offer top-quality products, install them flawlessly, and back our work with some of the most comprehensive warranties available.

The Importance of Soffit and Fascia

Soffit is fitted to the underside of your home’s overhanging eaves and is equipped with vents to allow adequate ventilation for your attic. Though it mostly can’t be seen from the street, deteriorating soffit becomes an eyesore the closer you get to the home. Fascia boards are fitted over the end of your roof’s trusses and protect your roofline against the elements. They’re also commonly the area where your home’s gutters will be attached. If soffit and fascia are installed improperly, they can affect your attic’s ventilation and cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely.

If it’s time to replace the soffit and fascia on your Tarpon Springs, FL, home, contact Morgan Exteriors today. We’ll be happy to visit your home to answer your questions and provide a free estimate that will be valid for an entire year.