Upgrade Your Dunedin, FL, Home With a Soffit & Fascia Installation

Did you know that your soffit and fascia can make all the difference in your home’s exterior? At Morgan Exteriors, we can install new soffit and fascia on your home that will support your gutter system and protect your attic. What’s more, our soffit and fascia products are available in multiple colors and styles to complement your home’s exterior. As a professional siding contractor, we have decades of experience serving homeowners throughout Dunedin, Florida, and surrounding areas.

What Is Soffit on a House?

Soffit is the siding located underneath your roof’s overhang. If your soffit is damaged or missing, your attic will be exposed to insects, animals, and moisture. Morgan Exteriors is here to help you with all your soffit replacement needs. We install vented and non-vented soffit options. A vented soffit increases air circulation and is often recommended for attics that lack other forms of ventilation. A properly ventilated attic is necessary to prevent mold growth.

What Is Fascia on a House?

Fascia is a key component of your home’s exterior. It is an outward-facing board that is installed under your roof’s overhang. Gutters are typically attached to fascia, so it is crucial that you have durable fascia installed that can support your gutter system and help protect the exterior of your home from water damage.

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