The Benefits of Having Replacement Windows Installed at Your Kissimmee, FL, Home 

Morgan Exteriors — a company with 120+ years of combined experience — is proud to install top-quality replacement windows manufactured by Simonton and PGT. If you’ve been considering replacing the windows on your Kissimmee, Florida, home, now’s the time — replacement windows offer a number of valuable benefits to homeowners. 

Greater Energy Efficiency 

Many homeowners choose to have replacement windows installed so that they can achieve improved energy efficiency. Older windows tend to make your HVAC system work harder than it needs to because they allow for heat transfer. When it’s summertime, old windows let heat flow in from outside. This is an especially frustrating problem in Kissimmee, where the Florida heat makes it imperative that homes remain comfortably cool throughout the year. Fortunately, the replacement windows we carry come with several features designed to conserve energy, including the following:

  • Insulating glass 
  • Specialized Low-E glass coatings 
  • Spacers between glass panes 
  • Argon gas fills for added insulation (optional) 

These features have helped our replacement windows lower energy costs for homeowners throughout this area. 

Reliable Protection 

You want your family and valuables to be safe inside your home. Our impact-resistant replacement windows can hold up in a worst-case scenario. Simonton windows have a special interlayer that will keep your home secure if debris hits your window or an intruder tries to gain entry. PGT windows feature heavy-duty laminated glass that can withstand impacts from a nine-pound beam traveling more than 30 miles per hour. 

Refresh the Style of Your Home with Replacement Windows 

Replacement windows can quickly and easily refresh the exterior and interior of your home. Dingy or peeling window frames can take away from the overall style of the property. Our replacement windows are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to match your personal tastes. They are made from vinyl, so you won’t ever need to scrape, sand, or repaint them. We offer replacement windows in a range of popular styles including:

  • Single-hung windows 
  • Double-hung windows 
  • Horizontal slider windows 
  • Picture windows windows 
  • Casement windows 
  • Awning windows 
  • Bay windows 
  • Bow windows 
  • And more! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Replacement Windows 

Do Replacement Windows Improve Home Security? 

Yes, replacement windows can enhance home security. Many modern replacement windows come with advanced features such as impact-resistant glass, multi-point locking systems, and durable frames that provide better protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions compared to older windows. 

Will Replacing My Windows Increase the Value of My Home? 

Generally, yes. Replacing windows with newer, energy-efficient models can increase the value of your home. Energy-efficient windows not only enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property but also appeal to potential buyers by reducing energy costs and offering improved insulation. 

Are There Any Incentives for Energy Efficient Replacement Windows? 

Yes, there are often incentives available for installing energy-efficient replacement windows. These incentives can come in the form of tax credits, rebates, or other financial incentives provided by local, state, or federal governments, as well as utility companies. These incentives aim to encourage homeowners to invest in energy-efficient upgrades that benefit the environment and reduce energy consumption. 

Enjoy a Risk-Free Investment 

Morgan Exteriors backs all of our window installations with a lifetime warranty. This covers both the products and our labor. If you have any issues with your windows, simply give us a call and we’ll come to fix them. We’re here to serve customers throughout the Kissimmee, FL, area.