Let Us Help You Redo the Kitchen Cabinets at Your Tampa, FL, Home

Redo Kitchen Cabinets Tampa FLAre you planning to renovate the kitchen at your Tampa, Florida, home? If so, then you’ve probably given a significant amount of thought as to how you’d like to redo your kitchen cabinets. A lot of people assume that they’ll need to completely replace their cabinets, but in many cases, you can achieve the same great look for a fraction of the time and money using a method known as cabinet refacing. Morgan Exteriors — a local company offering 120+ years of combined experience — is pleased to offer this service to local homeowners.

How Does Cabinet Refacing Work?

With a traditional cabinet replacement, you would need to completely remove your existing kitchen cabinets and start from scratch. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, just requires removing the existing doors. Once the doors are off, we apply a laminate to the remaining portion of the cabinets. Then, we install new doors and hardware.

What Are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a time- and cost-efficient way to redo your kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t take as long as completely replacing the cabinets, so you’ll be able to start using your kitchen again as soon as possible. In addition to saving money on labor costs, you’ll also have to spend less on supplies, since cabinet refacing doesn’t require as much lumber as a traditional replacement. And, because cabinet refacing requires less wood, it’s a great choice for the environment, too.

For More Information

If you’d like to redo the kitchen cabinets at your Tampa, FL, home, then call Morgan Exteriors today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and tell you more about why cabinet refacing is such a smart option. We look forward to helping you build a gorgeous, modern kitchen.