Why Double-Hung Windows Are So Popular Among Homeowners

If you’ve been perusing window styles in preparation for an upcoming window replacement project, you’ve surely noticed the popularity of double-hung windows. It seems like just about every window is available in this style. Why is that, exactly? Morgan Exteriors has the answers you need.

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

Before getting into the benefits that double-hung windows offer, it helps to explain what double-hung windows are and how they differ from other window styles. A double-hung window has two sashes, both of which slide up and down and tilt inward. The fact that both sashes can move is what distinguishes double-hung windows from single-hung windows, which have only one operational sash. Double-hung windows may sound similar to slider windows, but it’s important to remember that slider windows slide left to right on a horizontal track, while double-hung windows slide up and down on a vertical track.

The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

There are a number of reasons why double-hung windows are so popular among homeowners, one of the primary ones being how easy they are to maintain. Because both sashes can be tilted inward, you can clean the interior and exterior of a double-hung window from inside your home. This is especially helpful if you live in a home that has more than one story, since you won’t have to deal with the hassle and danger of having to climb a ladder to clean the outside of high windows.

Homeowners also tend to choose double-hung windows over other styles because they offer excellent ventilation. With most other types of windows, there’s only one opening through which air can enter and exit. When you open both sashes of a double-hung window, on the other hand, you allow warmer air to flow through the top section while cooler air flows through the bottom section (since warm air rises). Plus, if your home doesn’t have central air conditioning, a double-hung window will allow you to install an in-window unit.

Yet another benefit that double-hung windows offer is improved safety. Think about where you’re planning to have new windows installed—will the windows overlook a sidewalk, a patio, or another area with lots of foot traffic? If the answer is “yes,” double-hung windows might be a better option than casement windows or awning windows, which both project out from the side of a house. Outward-projecting windows take up exterior space and could potentially cause a collision with passersby. What’s more, if you have young children or pets and you’re concerned about them falling out of an open window, you could reduce the chance of that occurring by opening only the top portion of a double-hung window.

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