Impact-Resistant Windows for Homes in Sun City Center, FL

Two Window Experts Install an Impact WindowIf you’re interested in outfitting your home with windows that you know can endure Mother Nature’s worst, you’ve come to the right place. Morgan Exteriors is a home improvement company that has long been a leading provider of impact windows in Sun City Center, Florida.

We’ll replace your existing windows with our PGT or Simonton impact windows that are rated for use in hurricane-threatened areas. What distinguishes these windows from conventional house windows is their invisible protective interlayer, which will stay intact even if the glass shatters. For example, our PGT hurricane windows can withstand being repeatedly struck by a nine-pound, 2’x4’ beam moving 30+ miles per hour. This will not only safeguard your residence from extreme weather during hurricane season, but it will also keep you protected from forced entry year-round.

How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

Although you’ll pay somewhat more for impact windows than you would for conventional house windows, the purchase can save you significant money in other ways. Outfitting your home with impact-resistant windows can spare you from needing to invest in hurricane shutters. Most importantly, impact windows spare you the tremendous repair costs associated with having hurricane-force winds enter your home through its window openings.

The cost of your specific window installation will depend on factors such as the brand, size, and style of impact-resistant replacement windows you want. We’ll gladly walk you through your options and provide you with a cost estimate as part of a free consultation at your Sun City Center, FL, home. Contact us today to get started.