Impact Windows Will Protect Your St. Augustine, FL, Home From Extreme Weather

Impact Windows St. Augustine FLIn most ways, it’s wonderful to live along the coast in St. Augustine, Florida. Homeowners here have access to fantastic beaches and can partake in enjoyable outdoor activities throughout much of the year.

However, in exchange for these benefits, we must face the threat of extreme weather each year during hurricane season. This is why prudent local residents choose to have Morgan Exteriors’ Simonton or PGT impact windows installed.

How Our Hurricane Windows Work

Morgan Exteriors’ impact-resistant windows look and function the same as conventional windows with one major exception. They include a special invisible interlayer that ensures the windows will serve as a reliable barrier against strong winds, airborne debris, and rain, even in the event the glass shatters. During a hurricane, it’s crucially important to prevent hurricane-force winds from entering the interior of your home, where they could inflict the most damage, and you can depend on our impact windows to reliably prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, our windows boast all of the other attributes you could want, including having an attractive appearance, high-level energy efficiency, and time-tested durability. As countless other Florida homeowners can attest, our hurricane windows are an all-around fantastic investment that you’ll feel satisfied with long into the future.

Speak With the Storm Protection Specialists

You’re going to love the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is reliably protected from Mother Nature’s worst. Contact Morgan Exteriors today to learn more about the Simonton and PGT impact windows we install in St. Augustine, FL.