Top-Rated Hurricane Impact Windows for West Palm Beach, FL, Homeowners 

Hurricane Windows West Palm Beach FLAre you searching for windows that will protect your home and your family in the event of a storm? If so, turn to the window experts at Morgan Exteriors. Our team proudly offers Simonton StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows at homes throughout West Palm Beach, Florida, and the surrounding areas. The primary reason for this is to prevent glass from flying into your home in the event of an impact, and our hurricane windows do just that.  

What are hurricane windows, and how do they differ from regular windows? 

Hurricane windows, also known as impact-resistant windows or storm windows, are designed to withstand the impact of strong winds, debris, and other extreme weather conditions associated with hurricanes and storms. They are constructed with multiple layers of laminated glass and a durable frame to enhance their strength and resistance to damage. Unlike regular windows, hurricane windows are tested and rated for their ability to withstand high-velocity impacts and maintain structural integrity during severe weather events. 

What are the benefits of installing hurricane windows in my home? 

Here are some of the primary benefits of hurricane windows: 

  • Increased Safety: One of the primary benefits is enhanced safety and protection for your home and its occupants during hurricanes and storms. Hurricane windows are designed to resist breaking, reducing the risk of injuries from flying debris. 
  • Noise Reduction: The multiple layers of laminated glass in hurricane windows can also contribute to reducing outside noise, providing a quieter and more comfortable living environment. 
  • Insurance Premiums: Installing hurricane windows may qualify you for insurance discounts as it demonstrates proactive measures to protect your home against severe weather. 

When you turn to Morgan Exteriors for hurricane windows, you’ll be receiving windows that offer top-tier protection during extreme weather and many other benefits, including:  

  • Energy efficiency – Our hurricane windows are energy efficient, so you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views of your surroundings without having to cover them with curtains or drapes to reduce heat transfer.  
  • Customization options – It’s important to select windows that will complement the architectural style of your home, so you’ll be glad to know that you can customize our hurricane windows to your exact taste.  
  • Security – Hurricane windows offer extra security for your home because not only are they strong enough to withstand severe weather, but they are also strong enough to prevent potential intruders from entering your home.  

Installation of Hurricane Impact Windows  

We source our hurricane replacement windows from industry-leading manufacturers Simonton and PGT, known for their durability in manufacturing hurricane windows. The installation involves ensuring a proper fit, secure anchoring, and compliance with wind resistance standards to protect against hurricanes. Installation times can vary based on factors like the number of windows, the complexity of the installation, and the specific requirements of your home. A professional assessment is recommended for accurate timelines.  

Cost of Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows  

Hurricane impact windows come in various styles and designs to complement the aesthetics of your home. Common styles include single-hung, double-hung, casement, and sliding windows. The cost varies based on factors such as the number of windows, chosen style, and additional features. Contact us for a personalized quote, tailored to your specific needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Here are some commonly asked questions from homeowners: 

Why Should I Consider Hurricane Impact Windows for My Home in West Palm Beach, FL?  

Hurricane impact windows, such as Simonton StormBreaker Plus, provide top-tier protection during extreme weather events, preventing glass from flying into your home in the event of an impact.  

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Morgan Exteriors for Hurricane Windows?  

Morgan Exteriors offers hurricane windows that are not only impact-resistant but also energy-efficient. They provide security, customization options, and the ability to enjoy unobstructed views without sacrificing protection.  

Are hurricane windows energy-efficient? 

Yes, many hurricane windows are designed to be energy efficient. The laminated glass used in their construction can have low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, which help to reflect heat and UV rays while allowing visible light to pass through. This feature can contribute to better insulation, reducing the transfer of heat between the inside and outside of your home.  

As a result, energy-efficient hurricane windows can help lower heating and cooling costs by maintaining a more stable indoor temperature. It’s important to check the specifications of the specific hurricane windows you are considering, as energy efficiency features can vary among different products. 

Can I Customize Hurricane Windows to Match the Architectural Style of My Home?  

Yes, Morgan Exteriors allows customization of hurricane windows to suit your exact taste and complement the architectural style of your home.  

Let’s Get Started!  

If you’d like to find out more about the hurricane windows we install for homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL, and nearby areas, contact Morgan Exteriors today. We’ve proudly served homeowners since 1995 and we’re proud to have earned numerous honors throughout the years such as GuildQuality’s Guildmaster Award and Houzz’s Best of Houzz Service Award.