Hurricane Windows in Jacksonville, FL

Extreme weather threatens the Jacksonville, Florida, area every hurricane season. There are multiple ways that you can protect your home when this happens. One is putting up hurricane panels each time a storm approaches and then taking them down when the storm has passed. A simpler alternative is having Morgan Exteriors install hurricane windows on your house. 

Made by renowned manufacturers PGT and Simonton, Morgan Exteriors’ hurricane windows deliver the very best in storm protection. For example, consider our StormBreaker Plus windows from Simonton. They are certified to meet all of the standards set forth by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association for high-velocity hurricane zones. Similarly, our PGT impact windows are so strong they’re able to withstand being repeatedly hit by a nine-pound, 2’ x 4’ beam moving 30+ miles per hour. Now that’s impact resistance that you can depend on! 

Hurricane Window Styles 

Just because you want impact-resistant windows, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle for a one-size-fits-all design. Morgan Exteriors installs hurricane windows in a variety of popular styles, including: 

  • Double-hung Windows – These windows feature two movable sashes, which slide up and down to open or close. 
  • Sliding Windows – These windows have one or two movable sashes that you can slide left and right with ease. 
  • Picture Windows – Lacking the ability to open, picture windows exist solely to provide a view of outdoor scenery and let in natural light. 
  • Casement Windows – These windows have a glass unit that opens fully along a hinge that runs down the left or right side of the window. 
  • Awning Windows – Similar to a casement window turned on its side, awning windows open outward from the home along a hinge that runs across the top of the window. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hurricane Windows

What makes hurricane windows different from regular windows?

Hurricane windows, also known as impact windows, are specially designed and constructed to withstand the impact of high-speed winds and debris during storms. They are made with laminated glass and reinforced frames, offering superior protection compared to regular windows. 

Are hurricane windows only necessary for coastal areas in Jacksonville?

While coastal areas are more prone to severe weather conditions, hurricane windows are recommended for all of Jacksonville. They provide year-round benefits, including improved security, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. 

How do hurricane windows protect against storms and high winds?

Hurricane windows use impact-resistant glass and robust frames to prevent shattering upon impact. Even if the glass breaks, it remains attached to an inner membrane, reducing the risk of flying debris entering your home. 

Can I customize the style of hurricane windows for my Jacksonville home?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of styles, including double-hung, sliding, picture, casement, and awning windows. You can choose a style that suits your home’s aesthetics and functional preferences. 

Do hurricane windows provide energy-saving benefits?

Yes, hurricane windows contribute to energy efficiency. The laminated glass helps to reduce UV rays and keeps your home cooler, leading to potential savings on cooling costs. 

Are you interested in determining what type of hurricane windows makes the most sense for your Jacksonville, FL, home? Contact Morgan Exteriors to schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience.