Installing State-of-the-Art Hurricane Windows in Homes Across Cape Coral, FL 

Hurricane Windows Cape Coral FLIf you own a home in Cape Coral, Florida, or a nearby community, you’ve probably thought of ways to protect your house during a hurricane. Our area is prone to tropical weather, and you’ll want to do everything that you can to protect your family, your home, and your possessions the next time a storm hits. Maybe you’ve considered trimming the trees in your yard, bringing patio furniture inside, or investing in a generator. All of these are great ways to prepare your property for a hurricane, but one of the best things that you can do is have hurricane windows installed. 

Hurricane windows are specially designed to resist impacts, so there’s less chance of them breaking when hit with debris. Another thing that sets hurricane windows apart from standard replacement windows is that they’re less likely to shatter. When a standard window breaks, the glass tends to shatter into multiple pieces, and then those shards detach from the window frame. If a hurricane window breaks, on the other hand, the broken pieces of glass will remain intact and attached to the frame. This protects your family from flying shards of glass and prevents water and debris from blowing into your home. It also protects your house from significant structural damage. For example, because barometric pressure shifts so much during a hurricane, wind gusts entering through a broken window could cause the roof to blow off of your house. Hurricane windows can greatly reduce the chance of that happening. 

Protect Your Home by Partnering With Morgan Exteriors 

For top-of-the-line hurricane windows in Cape Coral, FL, you can turn to the home improvement experts at Morgan Exteriors. We’ve been serving homeowners since 1995, and we’re proud to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our commitment to first-rate workmanship and exceptional customer service has helped us earn numerous accolades, such as GuildQuality’s Guildmaster Award and the Best of Houzz Service Award, as well as recognition from Qualified Remodeler and Remodeling Magazine. 

Our Hurricane Windows 

When you partner with Morgan Exteriors for new hurricane windows, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a top-quality product. We’ve partnered with top-name manufacturers like Simonton and PGT to ensure that we’re supplying our customers with durable and long-lasting hurricane windows. Simonton’s StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows have earned certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association thanks to impressive features like: 

  • Reinforced profiles 
  • KeepSafe Maximum® glass panes 
  • A sturdy interlayer 

PGT hurricane windows also feature impact-resistant laminated glass and are strong enough to remain intact even after sustaining repeated hits from a nine-pound, 2’x4’ beam traveling at 30 miles per hour. 

Our hurricane windows offer a wide array of other benefits, as well, making them a smart choice for your home even when it’s not hurricane season. For example, they’re extraordinarily energy efficient. Simonton hurricane windows block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, and PGT windows can be fabricated with high-performance Low-E coatings and glass tinting, if desired. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to prevent outdoor noise from entering your home, you’ll be glad to know that Simonton hurricane windows reduce noise infiltration by 50% when compared to standard replacement windows. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes hurricane windows different from regular replacement windows?

Hurricane windows are specially designed to resist impacts, reducing the likelihood of breaking when hit by debris during a storm. Unlike standard windows that shatter into multiple pieces, hurricane windows are less likely to shatter. If they do break, the glass pieces will remain intact and attached to the frame, offering enhanced protection against flying shards, water, and debris. 

How do hurricane windows protect my home during a storm?

The robust design of hurricane windows provides added protection to your home. When a standard window breaks during a hurricane, wind gusts entering through the broken window could cause significant structural damage, even leading to the roof blowing off. Hurricane windows significantly reduce the chances of this happening, safeguarding your home and family during severe weather. 

Why should I choose Morgan Exteriors for hurricane window installation in Cape Coral?

Morgan Exteriors has been a trusted home improvement company since 1995, serving Florida homeowners with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our hurricane windows, sourced from top manufacturers like Simonton and PGT, are of the highest quality, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection for your home. 

What certifications do your hurricane windows have?

Our Simonton StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. They feature reinforced profiles, KeepSafe Maximum® glass panes, and a sturdy interlayer. PGT hurricane windows, also available, boast impact-resistant laminated glass that remains intact even after repeated hits from a nine-pound, 2’x4’ beam at 30 miles per hour. 

Apart from storm protection, what other benefits do hurricane windows offer?

In addition to their superior storm protection, our hurricane windows are exceptionally energy-efficient. Simonton windows block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, while PGT windows can be customized with high-performance Low-E coatings and glass tinting. Moreover, Simonton hurricane windows reduce noise infiltration by 50%, providing a quieter and more comfortable living space. 

Learn More 

If you’d like to know more about the hurricane windows that we have available for homeowners in Cape Coral, FL, contact Morgan Exteriors today. We offer complimentary in-home consultations to homeowners in this area, and we’d be delighted to arrange an appointment at a time that fits into your schedule.