How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Florida Home

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The warm and bright weather is what draws many homeowners to Florida. However, in the Sunshine State, temperatures can quickly rise to unbearable levels. This means that you will frequently rely on air conditioning for relief, which may be costly and inefficient, as well as damaging to your power bills and the environment. As a result, many Florida residents will be seeking ways to improve the energy efficiency of their Florida homes to save money on their monthly electricity costs.

Use Ventilation Strategies Wisely

Turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room to save electricity, as they do little to cool the room other than provide a pleasant cooling sensation. Bathroom and shower fans, which remove heat and humidity from your home, are the only exceptions to this rule. Furthermore, kitchen and laundry fans can benefit from spot ventilation, but make sure they are vented to the outside rather than the attic, which might heat up your home.

Keep Your HVAC System in Good Working Order

Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining your HVAC system in top working order. Routine maintenance can help keep minor issues from becoming major ones, saving money on deferred maintenance. Make sure it’s properly fitted, avoid installing heat-producing equipment near your thermostat and maintain the inside fan speed on high except on exceptionally humid days. Additionally, the Department of Energy suggests utilizing interior fans in conjunction with window air conditioning units to assist circulate air throughout your home.

Ensure the Thermostat is Programmed Correctly

The thermostat in your home is a powerful tool for keeping your home cool in the summer. Set your thermostat to a comfortable setting, remembering that the smallest variation between indoor and outside temperatures results in the lowest cooling expenditures.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows at Your Florida Home

At Morgan Exteriors, we realize how important energy-efficient windows are in increasing the energy efficiency of your Florida house. That is why, since 1995, we have been installing energy-efficient windows to improve residents’ comfort and save energy for local houses. Old house windows are often inefficient, allowing heat to pass through and resulting in increased monthly energy expenditures.

Thankfully, all of our energy-efficient windows are ENERGY-STAR®-certified and are designed to meet Florida’s energy standards. To achieve this, we offer windows from reputable companies such as Norandex, PGT, and Simonton and boast specialized features that meet the ENERGY-STAR certification.

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