Industry-Leading House Siding for Residents of Orlando, FL

House Siding Orlando FLHomeowners in Orlando, Florida, and surrounding areas can confidently turn to Morgan Exteriors for new house siding. We supply our customers with the highest-quality siding products, and our factory-trained, in-house employees handle all of our siding installations. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve earned numerous accolades for our exceptional workmanship, including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the Best of Houzz Service Award, and GuildQuality’s Guildmaster Award.

Whether you’re in the market for vinyl or fiber cement siding, we’re sure to have exactly what you need. We proudly carry vinyl house siding from Ply Gem—the No. 1 vinyl siding manufacturer in North America—as well as fiber cement siding from trusted manufacturer James Hardie. All of the siding we offer is energy efficient, durable, and incredibly beautiful. And, no matter which type of siding you choose to have installed, it will come backed by the protection of our lifetime materials and labor warranties, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re making a sound investment in your home.

Signs You May Need New House Siding

If you’ve lived in the Orlando area for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the damage that a hurricane can inflict on house siding. Hurricane-force winds can cause your siding to split or come off the side of your house entirely. Wind-blown debris can also cause unsightly dents and dings. As such, after a hurricane, the need for a siding replacement may be fairly obvious. However, there are also much more subtle clues that you should look out for:

  • High utility bills – If you’ve noticed that your heating and cooling bills have been steadily increasing and you can’t think of any other reason for the hike, your siding may be to blame. In addition to protecting your home from inclement weather, your siding is responsible for minimizing heat transfer. If it’s not doing its job, you may need to replace it.
  • Exterior damage – It’s normal for siding to sustain wear and tear over time. But if your house siding is chipped, cracked, warped, faded, or peeling, there’s a good chance that it’s no longer performing as intended and needs to be replaced. You should also keep an eye out for insect infestations, as well as the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • Interior damage – Underperforming siding can also cause damage to the interior of your home. For example, if your siding isn’t properly guarding against moisture infiltration, you may notice that your interior paint or wallpaper is peeling.

Meet With Our House Siding Experts

If you’re interested in replacing the siding on your Orlando, FL, home, contact Morgan Exteriors today to arrange a complimentary consultation. We’ll be glad to take a look at your current siding and let you know if there’s anything you should be concerned about. If it turns out that your house siding does need to be replaced, we’ll walk you through the many options we have available and recommend some choices that will suit your specific needs. Just let us know when you’d like us to stop by, and we’ll take care of the rest.