Installing Fiber Cement Siding at Homes Throughout Tampa, FL

Fiber Cement Siding Tampa FLMorgan Exteriors — a trusted home improvement company serving the Tampa, Florida, area — is pleased to install Hardie Board fiber cement siding. When it comes down to a choice between fiber cement siding and wood siding, there’s no question about it — fiber cement siding is the clear winner. When compared to wood siding, fiber cement siding offers superior resistance to moisture, fire, pests, and more.


Moisture is a problem for homes with wood siding, especially in humid climates like we have in Tampa. When wood siding is repeatedly exposed to moisture over time, it can swell, crack, peel, and even grow mold. Hardie Board fiber cement siding, on the other hand, is specially designed to resist moisture and rotting.


No one wants to imagine their house catching on fire, but it’s something that you need to think about when purchasing new siding. In the event that a fire ever did occur, Hardie Board fiber cement siding would protect your family and your home far better than wood. Hardie Board siding is non-combustible, and it won’t ignite even when exposed to a direct flame.


Have you ever seen or heard a woodpecker hammering away at a tree outside your home? Well, they can do the exact same thing to wood siding, creating holes that can let in moisture and small animals. That won’t be a concern with Hardie Board fiber cement siding, which is unattractive to gnawing and pecking animals. And, unlike wood, Hardie Board siding isn’t susceptible to termite damage.

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