Energy-Efficient Windows Are Well-Suited for West Palm Beach, FL, Homes

Energy-Efficient Windows West Palm Beach FL If you live in an older home, chances are your windows are also old, especially if they’ve never been replaced. Morgan Exteriors understands this problem all too well! Since 1995, we’ve installed energy-efficient windows to boost residents’ comfort and energy savings for West Palm Beach, Florida, homes. Older house windows are typically inefficient, allowing heat to come through, which can result in higher energy bills each month.

ENERGY-STAR® Certification

All of our energy-efficient windows are ENERGY-STAR® -certified and are designed to meet Florida’s energy standards. They are manufactured by reputable companies like Norandex, PGT, and Simonton and boast specialized features that meet the ENERGY-STAR certification.

Furthermore, our energy-efficient windows are extremely popular and rightly so. But you’ll also be glad to know there are other benefits to our windows at Morgan Exteriors. For instance, all of our windows are made of vinyl, which means virtually zero maintenance, so there’s no need to scrape, sand, or paint.

PGT and Simonton energy-efficient windows can also withstand hurricane-strength winds, so you’ll have the assurance that you and your family will be safe inside. Additionally, all of our energy-efficient windows are installed by our factory-trained window specialists and backed by a lifetime warranty for materials and labor.

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There’s no need to live with inefficient, drafty windows when you can enjoy the comfort and savings of energy-efficient windows in your West Palm Beach, Florida, home.