Cabinet Refacing Offers Various Benefits to Sun City Center, FL, Area Homeowners

Cabinet Refacing Sun City Center FLMorgan Exteriors invites homeowners in Sun City Center, Florida, to consider the benefits of cabinet refacing, as compared to traditional cabinet replacement. We can transform the look of your kitchen by simply applying a laminate to your existing cabinets and installing new doors and hardware. In addition to this process saving you time and money, our cabinet refacing products are low maintenance, durable, and environmentally friendly, making them a great choice for your home.

Low Maintenance

Spills happen — it’s a part of life. But there’s nothing worse than having to expend time and energy trying to scrub a stain out of your kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, our cabinet refacing products don’t absorb food or beverage stains. As a result, you can clean your new cabinets using just soap and water, then use the leftover time to relax with family and friends.


When you choose Morgan Exteriors to help with your kitchen renovation project, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve invested in a quality product that will last for years to come. The material used to construct our cabinet refacing products is compacted with cement resin under 55,000 pounds of force per square inch, making it incredibly impact-resistant. You also won’t need to worry about an unnoticed spill causing warping or other damage — our cabinet refacing products are water-resistant and even immersing them in water for 24 hours during the testing process didn’t cause any visible signs of damage.

Environmentally Friendly

Cabinet refacing is an excellent choice for homeowners who are especially concerned about the environment. Covering your existing cabinets with a laminate, as opposed to replacing them, cuts down on waste and greatly reduces the amount of new wood needed during construction. And, what’s more, our cabinet refacing products satisfy the Composite Panel Association’s Eco-Certified Composite Standards for the sustainable use of wood fiber.

To learn more about how cabinet refacing can help transform the kitchen at your Sun City Center, FL, home, please contact Morgan Exteriors today.