Bay Windows Add Sophistication to Your Jacksonville, FL, Home

A bay window flanked by dark grey and white drapes, with a view of a grove of trees outsideMany homeowners choose to install bay windows because they add a touch of style to their homes. At Morgan Exteriors, we’ve been installing bay windows for Jacksonville, FL, homeowners since 1995 and are proud of our reputation as the area’s top choice in home improvement companies. We understand the intricacies of bay windows and source our products from leading manufacturers such as Norandex, PGT, and Simonton. We are also leading installation experts, employing only factory-trained window technicians who are committed to their craft and workmanship.

What Are Bay Windows?

What makes bay windows so special? Bay windows are comprised of three windowpanes—a large one in the middle and two smaller ones on the side. Homeowners love them because:

  • They jut out of your home, giving the illusion that the room is more spacious than it is. In fact, because the windows jut out, they can add up to 3 feet to your room.
  • Their angled windows allow more natural light in. Imagine walking into a room bathed in the sun’s light.
  • They offer a panoramic view of the outdoors. if you live on the water or have a beautiful yard, a bay window will capture your view.
  • They can provide great ventilation. Depending on the side windows you choose, you’ll enjoy the breezes that come in from different directions.
  • They add curb appeal to your home and can improve your home’s value.
  • The angled configuration provides shelf space for your personal items.

Endurance + Energy

Bay windows installed by Morgan Exteriors are made from vinyl, a highly durable material that won’t fade or peel even during the harshest weather conditions. They are practically maintenance free, with no scraping, sanding, or painting required. Moreover, bay windows come in a variety of colors to match your home and are all ENERGY-STAR®-certified, thus providing maximum energy efficiency.

Finally, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected. Bay Windows from Morgan Exteriors come with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about bay windows for your Jacksonville, FL, home, contact the professionals at Morgan Exteriors today to schedule an in-home consultation.