No Exterior House Paint Delivers The Energy Efficiency Or Long Term Performance Like All Weather Coatings From Morgan Exteriors

Our All-Weather Coating System Reflects About 87% Of Solar Reflectants Instead of About 51% – Approximately 70% Higher Than Our Nearest Competitor.

Our All-Weather Coating is Specially Formulated to Withstand Florida’s Persistent Heat And Protect Your Home From Penetrating and Damaging Sun Rays

Is your home like so many others in Florida that look old, tired, and dilapidated?

When you consider the relentlessness of the heat, the humidity, and the wear and tear these things have on your home, you realize that you need an extreme solution to match our extreme climate.

There Is No Paint Or Wall Coating That Compares With All-Weather Coatings

  • Lifetime Paint Solution for Your Home
  • Stop Repainting – FOREVER
  • Lowers Wall Temperature and Keeps Home Cool
  • Lowers Energy Bills

We Offer All-Weather Coatings Because They Are The Best Paint or Coating Option For Tampa Bay Area Homes – PERIOD.

All-Weather Coating is not just a paint. It is a transformation of your home’s exterior. The application is a ten step process.

Apply Cleanse 360 To Remove Residue, Mold, Mildew, Dirt, Oil, and Grime.

cleanseWe make sure that your house is clean before we begin the application process. There is nothing that does the job of cleaning your home like Cleanse 360. It removes dirt, oil, grime, and it even kills mold and mildew. Cleanse 360 helps us prepare the surface for the application process.

Cleanse360 was originally developed for All-Weather COATINGS systems to eliminate the need for applicators to use bleach. Bleach will burn back through pigments over time and promote flashing, white streaks and fading. The belief held by many painters that bleach will kill mold and mildew is completely false. Bleach does not kill mold, but only bleaches it. Cleanse360 not only removes, dirt, grime, and oils, it also kills mold and mildews while preparing the surface for the coating application. Cleanse360 should be required by all painters in the industry as a preparation prior to coating. Our applicators do not spot clean. They the entire surface with Cleanse360 so that the entire area is prepared to receive the coating.

ezfillAdd EZFill To Even Out Surfaces And Fill Cracks and Fissures

To create the ultimate protective envelope around your home we use EZFill to fill up the cracks, and whatever seams and joints could compromise the efficiency of the exterior wall.

Add SureBond To Further Prepare The Wall For the All Weather Coating

surebondWe add SureBond, a specially formulated bonding agent that will ensure that the All-Weather Coating.

SureBond is a premium bonding agent which bonds the exterior coating to the existing substrate. Think of SureBond as the glue that holds the walls and the wall coating system together to create a tough, new exterior.

We Add PrimaShield — A Stain Blocker For Added Protection

Prima ShieldTannins are a naturally occurring bio molecule that can create discoloration on your home’s exterior. A stain blocker and sealer that keeps tannins from bleeding through. We add PrimaShield to the exterior to prevent tannins from bleeding through and causing ugly spotting on your home.

We do not just prime highly visible areas or apply PrimaShield only to the wood. We cover everything with PrimaShield.

ThermaShield Provides Temperature-Absorbing Protection

thermaThermaShield material absorbs the energy that transfers heat energy into your home. This will act as a protection to prevent those additional degrees that pass through the SolaShield and helps to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. ThermaShield actually helps to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This material is applied at 20 mils thick which, which is approximately the thickness of a credit card.

Add SolaShield Sun Ray Protection

solaSolaShield is the ultimate sun-reflecting protective coat in the All-Weather wall system. We apply the SolaShield at a thickness of approximately 18 mils (slightly thinner than your average credit card). This material is an energy-efficiency powerhouse: it is independently tested to reflect over a stunning 87% of the sun’s rays. The remaining 13% is then absorbed by the ThermaShield. The final step and the layer which is specifically formulated with color pigments of your choice.

Excell Paint Ads A Final Layer of Protection

ecxellThis system requires the same thorough preparations as the other systems but is a paint developed from the same technologies as our coating systems but offers an economical alternative.