Impressive Hurricane Windows Available to Homeowners in Dunedin, FL

When Florida’s notorious storms come barreling through your area, you want to have peace of mind knowing your home is safe. At Morgan Exteriors, we understand this, which is why we proudly offer hurricane windows to Dunedin, Florida, homeowners.

Hurricane windows are more impact-resistant than standard windows, so the odds of them breaking when hit with flying debris is greatly reduced. And even when hurricane windows do break, they’re designed in such a way that they’re less likely to shatter. Instead, the broken window pane will remain intact and attached to the frame, rather than breaking into numerous pieces and detaching from the frame.

Premium Hurricane Windows

Our hurricane windows are sourced from industry-leading manufacturers Simonton and PGT. These brands are known for crafting exceptionally durable hurricane windows. The Simonton hurricane windows we offer have:

  • KeepSafe Maximum® glass panes
  • Reinforced profiles
  • A sturdy interlayer

These features have helped them earn a certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Our PGT hurricane windows are equally impressive, as they are constructed with impact-resistant laminated glass that’s strong enough to remain intact – even when repeatedly hit by a nine-pound, 2’x4’ beam traveling 30 miles per hour.

Let’s Get Started!

To learn more about the hurricane windows we install for Dunedin, FL, homeowners, contact Morgan Exteriors today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our friendly and knowledgeable team looks forward to working with you and equipping your home with hurricane windows you can depend on.