Bath Planet offers the most extensive line of premium acrylic bathroom solutions to ensure your bathroom remodeling project is done on time and on budget. In fact, we can transform your bathroom from rundown and old to beautiful and new in as little as one day! Why would you want installers coming in your house for weeks and tearing up where you live? It is time consuming, disruptive, and most importantly expensive.

With Bath Planet, we have the right solution for any bathroom on any budget. Our bath systems consist of high quality bath liners, replacement bathtubs, and bath wall surrounds, while our shower systems offer an exquisite line of shower liners, replacement shower bases, and shower wall surrounds. For the aging-in-place, our assortment of handicap accessible solutions is second to none. From walk-in tubs and tub-to-shower conversions to step-through inserts and barrier-free shower bases, Bath Planet will make sure you or a loved one is safe and can confidently regain their bathing independence. In order to enhance the look of your bathroom, we have a variety of shower doors & rods, along with beautiful accessories.

Bath Systems

products bath systemsIs your bathtub scratched, dented, discolored, or peeling? Or, perhaps it is in good shape but the color is from another generation? Find out more about bath systems.

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Shower Systems

products shower systemsWouldn’t a nice and relaxing shower be perfect every morning? Check out our high quality and affordable acrylic shower system solutions.

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Accessibility Products

products accessibility-Getting in and out of a standard bathtub can be a difficult task. If you have limited mobility, then consider Bath Planet. Find out more about the safety of our accessibility products.

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Shower Doors & Rods

products shower doorsEvery single detail of your bathroom is important – including shower doors and rods. Check out our selection of shower doors & rods here!

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products accessoriesWe want every Bath Planet product you’ve chosen to look beautiful and top-notch, right down to the accessories! Learn more about our accessories.

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Remember, when you are working with a talented member of our staff, there are no tricks and no gimmicks. A company representative will take the time to explain to you all your options and help you make the right decision. There is no risk and no commitment if you schedule a FREE consultation to let us evaluate your bathroom. Bath Planet takes pride in every project and strives to give every bathroom that personal touch it deserves. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!