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Questions to Ask When You’re Buying New Windows

28 Jan

At some point, you might choose to upgrade your home’s windows to lower your energy bill or to update your
home’s style. But with so many window styles to choose from, you may need help finding windows that best fit
your needs.

Before you decide which windows you want, make sure you take the time to research all of your options.
Thorough research includes asking the right questions, so below, we list some suggestions for questions you
can ask yourself to narrow down your search.

What Window Features Do I Want?

Over the past several decades, window manufacturers have made many practical and aesthetic improvements to
window designs. Some features automatically come with most windows, like locks and screens. However, many
homeowners choose to include additional features to help with durability and ease of use.

For example, storm windows help you protect your home against high winds or winter storms. Windows filled
with argon gas or manufactured with a low-E coating also help regulate temperature, which can help you save
on energy bills if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate.

Some manufacturers also offer custom window features with unique patterns and designs. Talk with your
window company to find out which features and color options fulfill your needs and help your home stand out.

What Type of Material Do I Want for My Window Frames?

Many homeowners use vinyl material for their window frames. However, you can also choose from several
other options depending on your needs and preferences. Some homeowners prefer wood windows with exterior
cladding made of aluminum or vinyl. Others choose low-maintenance fiberglass material.

Each material has its own set of pros and cons. To find a good fit for your home, talk with a

Are the Windows Energy Efficient?

If you want to save on your utility bills each month, make sure the windows you purchase are energy
efficient. Check for an Energy Star rating to ensure maximum energy savings.

In some cases, you can also get a tax rebate for purchasing Energy Star-rated windows. Ask your accountant
or window salesperson which rebates your government offers.

Will These Windows Match My Home’s Interior and Exterior Design?

Imagine what your new windows will look like on your home before you buy them. Do they blend well with
your home’s colors and material? Does the glass design complement your current exterior?

If you’re only replacing a few windows, don’t forget to match your new windows to your old ones. Compare
the two designs before you install the windows-you don’t want to realize your new windows don’t match your
other windows’ design after they’ve already been purchased and installed. 

What Is Included in the Windows’ Warranty?

Almost all window manufacturers offer some type of warranty for their windows. Check for how long the
warranty lasts and what damages it covers. Ideally, the warranty will cover your windows for at least 20

Once you ask and answer these questions, you’ll be well on your way to
finding the right windows for your home.

Of course, as you research, additional questions may arise. Don’t forget to write these down so you can
ask your window installation company about them later. Experienced window professionals can answer your
questions and help you ensure that you don’t have any major concerns with your new windows.

As soon as you narrow down your window options, schedule a home visit with an installer. The installer
will give you a price estimate and help you enter the next stage of replacing your windows.

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